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Since 1992, our mission has been to provide authentic, worry-free, stress-free European travel adventures that not only inspire and inform but also prepare to better understand and to actively contribute to the world in which we live!
  • We are experts in worry and stress free, safe and authentic travel experiences and adventures
  • We are providers of worldwide travel concierge service
  • Our vision is to lead tours and provide services that lead to meaningful, life-enhancing, life-changing experiences.
  • Our goal is to be known as caring experts and trustworthy providers of value driven travel services and purveyors of worry-free, stress-free and authentic travel adventures.


Our DNA is best expressed via our commitment to be trustworthy and ethical and transparent in everything that we do.  So, when international travel is unpredictable and ever changing, you need a company that isn’t!

  • We put customer’s needs first
  • We organize authentic, worry and stress free travel events with layers that match expectations and comfort levels for every tour participant: 
    • Experience: we propose optimal travel times, best sites to visit at each destination, and healthy balance between sightseeing and free time. We strive to offer as many intentional, memorable, and meaningful “wow” moments as possible.
    • Authenticity: we promote opportunities to connect with locals and to explore unique regional events, to see the wonders that many tourists overlook, to go beyond the commonplace and into the unique, authentic, once-in-a-lifetime experiences that creates lifelong memories and impact.
    • Adventure: we offer “being local” opportunities (living in apartments, shopping at the grocery store, attending community events and gatherings). We encourage more than viewing destinations from the outside by stepping inside a local culture and becoming a part of the local community.

Experience. Authentic. Adventure.  The choice is yours. 

Our Humanitarian Work

Here at Go Global we are focused on connecting people with people of different cultures around the world. We believe part of that connection is giving back to those who are in areas that are less fortunate than ours.  Because of that, part of our work is humanitarian-based and is no-profit focused.  We complete this through language teaching, bringing in materials, helping coordinate groups that do in-country work, leading and participating in groups that coordinate with local NGOs, and giving back financially.  A portion of each trip supports our Going = Giving program and our trip participants have the option of rolling the cost up and participating in our giving back program.
Come travel with us and see how giving back is a part of who we are!

Humanitarian work is not an add-on to our company mission.  It is at the very core of who we are and why we travel.  We see travel as an agent for greater good and goodwill that is beneficial to all.

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  • If you have travel questions or feedback for Darek, send an e-mail or text our office at +1 918-841-9588
  • For all tours, visit Upcoming Trips
  • For help planning your future tour, fill out your Travel DNA

Darek’s 7 Commitments

Darek Jarmola


Favorite Trip: Switzerland/Germany

Languages Spoken: 9 (English, Polish, German and Russian and is conversational in Italian, Dutch, Slovak, Czech, and Ukrainian.)

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Savannah Griffin

Creative and Tour Director

Favorite Trip: Authentic Italy

Favorite Place to Explore: The Gelato Shop

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Trina Burfield

Signature Tours Director + Creative Assistant

Favorite Trip: French Countryside

Currently relocating to France

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Lydia Hosmer

Signature Tours Director

Favorite Trip: Scotland & Ireland

Studied in: University of Edinburgh in Scotland

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Jordan Hosmer

Signature Tours Director

Favorite Trip: Scotland & Ireland

Interests: Always up for a hike in another country!

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Charity LaFountain

Director, Humanitarian Projects

Favorite Trip: German Christmas Markets

Her Passion: Experiencing new cultures with groups of travelers

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Candy Matheny

Director, Go Global Abroad and Travel Studies Ambassador

Favorite Trip: Spain & Portugal

Her passion: Experiencing the world through all five senses shows in her enthusiasm and love of sharing adventure.

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“Our trip to Italy exceeded our expectations. The group was fun, we had lots of laughs, the tours were not only educational but amazing. The Italian experience that Darek gave us though the hotels he chose and the places we visited were much better than anything we could have thought up on our own. We were amazed that we had as much free time as we did, it was one of the most restful vacations we have ever experienced. We are looking forward to our next European vacation.”

KAMA & CHARLES RHEUARK, Tulsa, OK (1 Italian tour with Go Global)

“Go Global provides travel experiences without the worry, time, or frustration, of scheduling your itinerary on your own. Go Global delivers ALL advertised sites, adventure, learning opportunities, and dining experiences. I always feel safe during travels with you/your company. In today’s world that is an important consideration.”

KIM ELSOM, PARIS, TX (3 bespoke adventures with Go Global)

“As homeschoolers, we tend to be fiercely independent, expect the best, and desire to raise world and community leaders. Go Global has repeatedly met and gone beyond our standards in providing a unique opportunities, in authentic settings, to view and live the history we study in TRISMS curriculum. He has custom-tailored each of our trips to our particular curriculum and desires, and has become a treasured friend and leader to each of my four children and their many student peers. ‘Authentic,’ Yes! ‘Cultural Integrity,’ Yes! As our students say, ‘Go Global rocks!’”

CHERYL HORTON, Toledo, OH (3 customized trips with Go Global)

“Go Global has been terrific to work with. If you are looking to simplify your trip preparation, this is the way to go. Darek worked overtime to get me on the best and most reasonably priced flights possible. Go Global’s experience and expertise saved me from what would have been hours of sitting in front of my computer, working out the logistics for my trip to Hong Kong. Thanks Darek!”

WENDEL WEAVER, Bartlesville, OK (regular customer of Worldwide Travel Concierge services)

“The tour exceeded my expectations! I loved the fact that I could customize my trip. Darek is incredibly flexible. His knowledge of Paris and expertise is local logistics translated into crowd-free, authentic French immersion experience. I recommend Go Global to anyone who wants to have a one-of-a-kind, customized, and authentic travel experience.”

FRANCOISE SULLIVAN, Tulsa, OK (6 authentic trips with Go Global)