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Switzerland / Germany

Experience charming Switzerland, proud Bavaria, and quaint Austria.  Explore great historical sites and experience vibrant and unique cultures of Zurich, Luzern, Munich, and Salzburg.

Scotland / Ireland

Experience two breathtaking, charming, proud, unique, magical, and cheeky cultures: magical Ireland and enchanting Scotland. Visit major Gallic sites and experience vibrant and unique…


Paris is an inviting destination for a city break! From fashionable cafes and famous museums, to iconic and historical sights, there is always plenty to see and to do…

French Countryside

Experience history, culture, food, and social diversity of France as you travel off the beaten path and through the French countryside…


Become a Londoner for the weekend: go to a play, attend a soccer game, visit world-class museums and galleries, do some shopping, take walks through St. James Park, and much much more.

Grand European Adventure

Give us 14 days!  In return, get an an incredible European Adventure through major European must-see sights and cities and countries…

Spain / Portugal

A tapestry takes different colors and cloths, and weaves them together into a beautiful design.  This Iberian Tapestry tour weaves together the sights and cultures of Spain’s and Portugal’s…

Munich: Oktoberfest

Do not settle for second-best; travel with us to the place were the tradition has started and where it still is the most authentic Octoberfest experience possible: Munich, Germany!

Poland and WW2 sites

POLAND AND WORLD WAR II SITES This World War 2 Tour is a must for anyone interested in history of, and sites related to, the World War 2. Almost all of Poland was affected by that war; that means that you any and all place that we visit on this tour have direct connections to…

German Christmas Markets

This December, start your yuletide season in authentic Europe by shopping in candy-cane striped stalls in Nuremberg…

Authentic Italy

Experience authentic Italy at its best: have audience with the pope, explore the Vatican City, have dinner cooked by the nuns, shop at local Christmas markets, learn about…

Valentine’s Day in Paris

Nothing sets the mood for romance and for a memorable Valentine’s Day quite like spending time with your loved one in PARIS, FRANCE!

Spring Break: Greece / Italy

Serene and idyllic Greek islands, ancient Athens, and eternal Rome. These destinations alone are enough to lure anyone who loves travel and discovery. 

Washington D.C.

Iconic monuments, memorials, and architecture are waiting to greet you in our very own nation’s capital! Ready to visit? Want to understand the meaning of freedom and America’s story?…

New England

The New England + the Fall season = the most beautiful, picturesque, and peaceful road trip ever! 


If you are looking for an exciting vacation in central Florida, this is it.  Join us on this magical adventure through the heart and highlights of Orlando.

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