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Book your domestic and international flights with Go Global!

With our guru-like travel expertise and booking guarantees, you will get unmatched customer service, day-of-travel support, and incredible airfare deals. Always.

Advantages of booking with us:
  • Domestic airfare planning – We help you book options that work best with your budget and schedules, using money or miles/points.
  • International airfare planning – We help with everything from planning to ticketing to monitoring flights, using money or miles/points.
24/7 Services with each booked airfare:
  • Itinerary tracking
  • Flight monitoring
  • Travel concierge assistance
  • Refund hunter
  • Corporate perks (seat selection, early boarding, mileage credit toward future flights, checked luggage, and more)
Our service guarantees:
  • Save Time
  • Save Money
  • Save Hassle
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