For more than 28 years, I have been organizing and leading tours to Europe’s most authentic and thrilling places.  I am passionate about making sure that our tours offer the best value and experience around!

  1. These tours are my passion (I design these tours and I go on them – and I love every one of them equally!  Our tour DNA is to put together adventurous travelers with great guides and deliver worry-free, stress-free, safe trips, and to do it with business ethics that gives you real peace of mind.)
  2. These tours offer the best value in travel (we design tours to maximum thrill per kilometer, minute, and dollar; our uniquely designed tours should be about the same price that you would have to pay if going on your own.)
  3. Each tour is memorable, authentic, and one-of-the-kind experience (we provide you with the most authentic local places to visit, to stay in, and to eat; we design lots of free time for personal expirations and we work hard to protect your budget.)
  4. I personally select accommodation for all our tours (we stay in locally owned – no big corporation properties – boutique hotels and apartments located in safe neighborhoods in the city center.)
  5. We travel in small groups (from the very beginning, our tours have maximum size of 15 participants.  I  treat all participants of each tours as my friends and family. Because we travel in small group we can get to eateries, hotels, and cultural sites that later groups can never visit or experience!)
  6. Guaranteed prices (once you book your tour, the price will never change. While the advertised prices may change during the year, the moment you make the deposit, your tour price is guaranteed).
  7. I plan every tour to be life-enhancing event (every stop on our tour and every meeting with a local changes me for the better; I am a proponent of idea that travel teaches and enriches; travel makes me a better person!)