An ambassador is a volunteer whose primary responsibility is to speak for, and to promote, Go Global events and services within their spheres of influence. These tasks can take on a variety of forms, including but not limited to, formal and informal presentations to social, academic, religious, and community groups and circles of friends.

Basic Requirements:

  • Passion for travel adventures
  • Participated in at least one travel event with Go Global
  • Ability to promote Go Global in your community

Program Structure:

Those who apply for and are accepted into this program will be assigned a mentor for a minimum of 6 months. That person will serve as an organizational and content resource for the new applicant. The mentor is responsible for introducing the applicant to such issues as Go Global mission, vision, goals, and best practices. The mentor will work closely with the applicant to set up promotional plans and strategies to introduce Go Global message and programs to that persons’ social networks and his/her local community. Both individuals will communicate frequently in order to assess effectiveness of local work and to provide guidance to the new ambassador.

Contact us about joining and to learn about perks associated with this program.