My trip from Berlin to Poland was as simple as always. Border crossings within the EU are as simple as driving from Oklahoma to Kansas or Texas. You keep driving and notice the language change on road signs and advertisements. There are no physical controls on German or Polish sides of the boarder. I crossed the border in rental car, going 80 mph. 🙂

Poland looks and feels the same as on my previous trips. I am staying in the seaside resort of Mielno-Koszalin .


This place is very popular with Scandinavian tourists. Hotels and restaurants and shops are opened, but with shorter operational hours. Many establishments display signs saying “no mask, no service.” Some larger shops require social distancing. I have seen no other restrictions.

This part of the Baltic Sea is famous for clean beaches, easy ferry connections to Scandinavia, always fresh fish dishes (my favorite is smoked Halibut and chips), and incredible sunsets (and the sunrise at 4:30am.)  I also recommend a visit to any of the 27 lighthouses that protect ships from the coastline. For a very local experience, get up at 4 am to see off the fishermen and their boats in Mielno going off to the sea for the daily catch.


While I am enjoying my time in Poland, I am self-conscious about being the only English speaking person around.  In normal time, I cherish moments when I do not hear English while traveling.  Those of you who have travelled with us know that we thrive on finding “back door” local eateries, neighborhoods and sights that are free of tourists.  Yet, it is strange to be at a major tourist sight and not hear English spoken. As the British government has been given the green light to travel only this weekend, I expect to come across some English speaking folks next week.
More updates soon.
Baltic Sea Sunset

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