I have experienced Europe in July (alone) and again in August (with a small group). After time off in September, I am heading back to Europe (with mostly European customers) in mid-October. And planning to do two more European trips in December 2020. To make all our international trips worry-free, stress-free, we have to have access to good, reliable travel data and to stay up-to-date with governmental travel restriction policies.
In this blog, I want to introduce you to four reliable and easy to use resources that Go Global utilizes to make decisions about possibility and viability of international travel. These sources keep us aware of the latest travel restrictions and health risks pertaining to countries worldwide. “Which countries have relaxed entry restrictions?” “Which countries have opened their borders?” You can find answers to these and more questions with the resources listed below.

1. GOVERNMENT: The Department of State of the United States 

This official link provides useful information but is not always up to date. Follow THIS LINK  and look for any country you are considering visiting. It is a comprehensive site, but be aware of dates as you read various requirements. Occasionally this resource requires looking elsewhere for updates.

2. AIRLINES: The International Air Transport Association

A travel website providing a tool of the trade association of airlines around the world, it displays a map of countries and provides the latest information pertaining to entry restrictions as a result of COVID-19 pandemic. This site is updated every two weeks and is easy to navigate. Follow THIS LINK and scroll over a country that you want to visit for latest travel restrictions and regulations. When opening the link, it may prompt you to confirm you are not a robot before it allows you to view the map.
This independent website is designed to quickly answer most important questions related to international travel during COVID-19. THIS LINK provides general details for entering a country and identifies regulations that one can expect within that country. You can easily navigate the map via country of origin and entry restrictions. Information on this page is reviewed and updated daily. This website can be easily searched via topics such as entry policies, lockdown status, and local outbreak trends and containment.
This easy-to-use website combines your destination with your travel documents to show you the up-to-date travel restrictions at that destination. THIS LINK provides a quick answer to the questions about particular country’s access to the US citizens. Historically, the majority of non-US airlines will refuse boarding for anyone whose documents may not permit entry into the first destination on your itinerary. For example, if you can get on board an AirFrance flight from Chicago to Paris, you will be able to enter France.
  • Depend on solid, current information about risks and/or restrictions related to your destination(s)
  • Double check that information against local sources at your destination, whenever possible (for example, our local German and Italian sources have consistently given us more reliable and accurate data than English-language available resources)
  • Always and only make travel decisions based on reliable and trusted resources vs. general media (mainstream or social)
  • Get tested before you travel; I schedule COVID testing 10 days and 3 days prior to my departure (after my 2nd test, I limit my social exposure until departure day)
  • Do NOT travel if you are sick
  • Be flexible when planning a trip (have plan B, and C, and maybe even D before you depart)!
  • Dare to travel.  I have.

NOTE: We want to be your trusted source for travel services and reliable guide your travel plans and decisions!

More updates soon!