1.Wait for your turn to deplane
2. Always allow those in rows ahead of you to deplane first
3. Allow those with tight connections to come through even if behind you
4. Minimize opportunities for things to go wrong
5. Check-in online for you flight whenever possible
6. Never book a connecting flight if a nonstop is available
7. Anticipate airport crowds and long security lines (larger the airport, longer the lines, larger the crowds)
8. Travel only with a carry-on
9. Always keep your feet on the ground
10. No bare feet on display!
11. No feet on seat back in front of you
12. Go straight to your gate
13. Stay active between flights
14. Always use the airline’s app (especially with cancellations or delays)
15. Be prepared for things to go wrong
16. Travel with a power bank
17. Tag everything traveling with you
18. Show respect to people around you
19. Middle seat gets armrest, or BOTH armrests
20. Use inside voice
21. Do not lean on the seat in front of you
22.Be patient and kind
23.Be polite to everyone
24. Be prepared for the unexpected
25. Be creative with problem-solving in such situation