Travel is not easy right now. So, alongside the latest COVID-19 travel rules and restrictions, we want to dare you to dream of travel so that when the world opens its doors again, you’ll be ready.

Our travel practices have changed a lot this past year. That is also true of how and when we plan our trips. And as we are getting closer to the days of new travel adventures, it is a good time to work on new strategies, like planning a trip a year in advance

Dreaming up a trip for 2022 (or beyond) has some advantages. First, planning further into the future puts us closer to a world with fewer travel restrictions. Second, with a longer planning timeline, some truly magical experiences will become available. So, from domestic destinations to international itineraries, when you plan a trip a year out, you have time to create truly inspiring and authentic travel experiences and adventures. 


Plan a domestic trip a year in advance

The beauty of travel within the United States is that so much can be seen from sea to the shining sea. Whether it is exploring a whole new world within the Magic Kingdom or immersing yourself in the beauty of New England, some of the best trips in the country require you to plan a year in advance.

Disclaimer: Travel restrictions inside the US are a patchwork of county, state and federal guidelines. Regulations, potential quarantine periods and travel restrictions may exist at your destination. We recommend contacting your destination’s Secretary of State office and reviewing CDC guidelines before booking travel.


  1. Disney

Whether it’s Orlando or Anaheim, one thing is certain: photos with Goofy must be taken. Planning a trip to Disney (-Land or -World) is one of the easier ideas on our list, however time should still be considered. Although the price of a FastPass+ for rides and attractions doesn’t vary with the date of your booking, prices for lodging will. Your budget will appreciate the notice.



  1. Alaska

Exploring the epic vistas of Alaska’s wilderness requires patience and a proper timeline, but it is worth the planning. In particular, some of Alaska’s national parks, like Gates of the Arctic, have no roads and thus require air transportation to enter. As a reward, visitors can bear witness to the Northern Lights in total seclusion. Another popular way to visit Alaska is on an Arctic cruise, which offers travelers the chance to see whale pods, fishing grizzlies and other wildlife. Keep in mind that planning this trip a year in advance is the difference between having a window or an inside cabin.

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  1. Hawaii

Despite Americans’ renewed interest in exploring the most beautiful parts of their country, Hawaii has been an elusive destination for the traveling inclined since early 2020. Due to tight restrictions, Hawaii has been able to limit the spread of COVID-19 across the islands. While that has introduced roadblocks to current travel, it has primed Hawaii to be a tourist hotspot for a post-vaccine world in 2022. Booking this trip for future dates can help you lock in accommodations before availability becomes limited. Plus, you’ll have more time to figure out your island-hopping map.




  1. Washington D.C.

Iconic monuments, memorials, and architecture are waiting to greet you in our very own nation’s capital! Ready to visit our nation’s capital? Want to understand the meaning of freedom and America’s story?  Explore the nation’s history and culture through the eyes of its capital city by visiting its museums and strolling along Capitol Hill. Cross the river into Virginia to discover the old-town charm of Alexandria and see the estate George Washington called home. Discover D.C.!


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Plan an international trip a year in advance

Domestic travel is wonderful. Yet, the world is so much more than one country or few cultures. International travel is loved for the way it opens new cultural horizons. Dare to dream about international travel in 2022 and beyond! Dare to look forward to new discoveries, new experiences, and new adventures. Many of the worldwide destinations deserve a year worth of careful and intentional planning.

Disclaimer: International travel regulations still vary greatly by country, as do vaccination levels. Check out a travel map for restrictions and current information on where travel is open.


  1. Iceland

If you are an outdoor-oriented traveler, then it’s likely that Iceland is on your list of ideal adventure spots. It was definitely on our pre-pandemic radar. Locals in Iceland have reported that the reduction in travel brought by 2020 was actually beneficial for the country to catch up with the demands of booming visitation. Now, Iceland is taking a slower approach to tourism by encouraging fewer visitors to take longer expeditions that see more of the stunning country. Planning for this trip a year ahead of time can help support Iceland’s sustainability goals and ensure you make the most of your time in the country.


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  1. Japan

Similar to South Africa, the fullness of culture, history and natural beauty of Japan calls for a trip that is well researched. If this is your first time in Japan, planning a year in advance is almost a minimum. Sure, a train can take you from Tokyo to Osaka in a few hours’ time, but if you plan your whole stay in Japan with that speed you’ll miss details like the diversity of food in-between those two cities, or the deep historical lessons from varying areas. In 2020, Japan had a rapid and successful response to COVID-19, but planning for 2022 is a safe bet for stability’s sake.


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  1. Germany

A visit to Germany requires travelers to plan a year in advance thanks to the multiple busy seasons the country experiences. Prime time for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts spans from May to September, during which a well-mapped-out trip can take explorers through Bavarian villages or into the Alps. Another reason to plan your trip a year in advance? Oktoberfest 2021 has officially been cancelled, meaning 2022 may see the rebirth of a time-honored tradition. That, and Christmas markets. Hotels book up fast for these festivities, but you can take advantage of our Travel with Confidence guarantee in case your plans change.


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  1. Australia

In the case of traveling to Australia, it might not be you who needs the time to plan, but the county that needs a year’s worth of planning to handle your visit. Currently, Australia isn’t expected to begin allowing visitors to return until late 2021. No matter! Consider this an opportunity to prep an itinerary that covers the Outback, the Barrier Reef and all the wine tastings in-between.


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So, even if 2022 may look far away, it’s clear that there is a lot of promise. Looking forward to what’s out there is a great way to plan meaningful, inspiring trips. After one year of quick getaways and staycations and a new year that seems full of the same digging into travel planning for a longer period of time can be the perfect way to reinvigorate your explorer’s mindset.

Are you ready to make new travel plans? Find out where we can travel now, and let us join you in planning your next adventure! So, go ahead and take advantage of planning your 2022 tour now. To help you better budget for 2022 tour check out this blog and sign up before July 31, 2021 at save on future travel by paying 2021 tour rates.