My flight to Berlin

I have taken British Airways flight from London to Berlin.  Boarding was done from the back of the plane to maximize social distancing.  Deplaning was done in small groups, from the front of the plane.
After getting to our seats, everyone was give Disinfectant Packet (sanitizer wipes and disinfecting gel) and a plastic trash bag (for disposing of leftovers after our meal).  Unlike my American Airlines flight, there was full meal service with hot and cold beverages.  Meal was served in individual bags.
Masks were worn for the duration of the flight.

Arrival in Germany

Upon landing in Berlin, each passenger was required to fill out the form provided by the Berlin Airport. This form asked for personal details related to our flight, including seat assignment, address in Berlin, and mobile number. The form was collected (but not reviewed) by the British Airways flight attendant before we were allowed to leave the plane.
Border control was uneventful.  The regular customs line was pretty routine of required spacing (not everyone was following those requirements).  I was not asked any questions before I was allowed to Berlin.

Reflections from today

I am now in Germany.  My border crossing was simple and less stressful that I have prepared myself for.  It is possible that either border police made a mistake or that written policies are different from daily practices.  I was ready to present copy of my negative test (as I was advised my my Berlin-based friend who is also a government official) but no one asked for it.  Either way, with so little data, I do not know yet how to advise you about travel to Europe.
When I have started to learn about this virus in February and  in March, I thought that it would be gone by May.  What I could not predict was disruption that this virus has caused with good travel plans and practices.  My current travel experience can be summed up in two words: atypical and strange.  I have been through 4 countries in the past 2 days: the US, the UK, Germany and Poland. EACH country has very different approach to controlling the virus and different sets of rules for people in that country. That also includes visitors.  Some hotels and museum and castles are open and some are not.
More to come.
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