If you love history and Christmas, or trinkets and special finds this trip is for you. If you want to see castles and Christmas lights, historical landmarks and old world charm this trip is for you. How about pretzels and beer, guess what, you’d be in the right place. On our German Christmas Markets tour the possibilities of what you will see, find and experience are endless. But they are all magical! Good food, wonderful people, and unbelievable sights paired with deeply rooted traditions is what you will witness in Germany around Christmas time. 

Christmas Markets

While Christmas is special throughout both Europe and America, there is one thing in Europe that you cannot find in the United States. Known by many names, depending on the country, Christmas Markets pop up all across Europe once the end of November arrives. These street markets are a place for locals and tourists alike to gather, drink glühwein (mulled cider or wine) and pick up some regional gifts for their loved ones. The markets contain traditional Christmas lights and nativity scenes, but also Christmas Pyramids, collectible mugs, and the occasional ferris wheel.

While there are some similarities at each Christmas Market, each one has their own special mug for the season. Many folks choose to purchase these as mementos of the markets they visited. However, if you choose not to purchase the mug you can finish your glühwein before you leave and return the mug for part of your money back.



















Historical Sites

In addition to Christmas Markets we visit Berlin’s major historical sites including the Memorial Church, Brandenburg Gate (pictured below) and of course the Berlin Wall. This trip is enchanting due to the added Christmas ambience, but it also has a way of connecting history with the present. You may get lost in another world while experiencing the different cultures of East and West Berlin.

This will surely only wet your appetite for more though. Continuing on with the tour, guests experience Wittenberg, the birthplace of the Protest Reformation, and Leipzig. The 2nd oldest Christmas Market in Germany (according to tradition) is in Leipzig, and it dates back to 1458. Before the tour ends you will experience Wartburg Castle, Erfurt, and Eisenach.

Food and Lodging 

We love Hotel Muller for their comfortable amenities, cordial atmosphere and excellent breakfast. You may actually find that you are not hungry for lunch due to the size of breakfast at this hotel. This is not a bad thing though, for you will surely do your fair share of walking exploring all of the wonders of Munich, including a visit to the Marienplatz (pictured below) and Hofbräuhaus. At the Hofbräuhaus you can experience wonderful German cuisine, and of course – Beer! We also spend a few wonderful nights at the Beichlingen Castle which dates back to the 11th century.

BMW world, the birthplace of the Bauhaus and Goethe movement, endless Christmas Markets, good food and culture, culture and more culture. What’s not to love about Germany at Christmas time? Well, if you find something, let us know, because we have yet to not enjoy ourselves in this proud country with all of its history and future. What will you discover in Germany?