As my flight to Rome was canceled, I have spent 2 extra days in Berlin prior to heading home yesterday. Please read my earlier blog for my take on Berlin.  I want to add to that report two more observations about the city:
  • City on the water.  I was surprised to learn that Berlin has more bridges (58) and more canals than Venice.  Majority of visitors take a cruise down the River Spree. But the fun part of exploring this aspect of the city is via smaller boats that navigate water ways and canal systems of Berlin.  Waterways are places for recreation and socializing. We have taken sunset boat rides with local friends and enjoyed a new view of the city, with good fellowship, and great dinner. Do not miss this part of Berlin
  • City of (frequent and always peaceful) demonstrations. Last Sunday, I spend my afternoon walking down the picturesque Under den Linden (similar in significance to Pennsylvania Avenue in DC) from the Alexanderplatz (commercial center of former east Berlin) toward the iconic Brandenburg Gate.  It is here that majority of demonstrations take place. And so it was not surpassing to witness 3 demonstrations going at the same time in front and behind the Gate. One group protested rigged elections in Belarus, the second demanded support for the Kurdish refugees, and a third groups insisted on fair animal rights.  What is important to me is that these demonstrations are always peaceful (even more tense neo-Nazi gatherings are largely uneventful, with random angry verbal exchanges between protesters and spectators).  
Berlin is the the city worth visiting any time of the year! People are friendly, food is great, and artistry and history of this city can make all of us “Eine Berliner” in no time.