These traditional European sweets will satisfy your sweet tooth and re-awaken your desire for travel!

Appeltaart in Amsterdam
Dutch have been serving appeltaart for longer than the US has even been a country. This deep-dish apple filled pastry has appeared on Dutch tables as early as 1640s!

Baklava in GreeceThis flaky pastry of nuts, usually pistachios, almonds, pine nuts or walnuts, is drizzled in honey and wrapped in thin sheets of dough.

Crème Brûlée in France
No better place than France to enjoy this soft egg and vanilla custard hidden under a thin layer of caramelized sugar.

Fondue in Switzerland
Building on the brilliance of melted cheese as a meal, we can also thank the Swiss for making a large pot of chocolate acceptable for dipping just about anything into.

Gelato in Italy
Three ways gelato is superior to ice cream: the flavor is more intense, it’s made from all-natural

ingredients, and it has a lower fat content. But really, one taste is all the convincing you need.

Sacher Torte in Austria
This world-famous chocolate cake, laced with a hint of apricot jam and topped with whipped cream, was created at Hotel Sacher in Vienna back in 1832. You’ll find variations on menus all around town, but we recommend trying the famous Sacher Torte at the source.

Salted Caramel Tart in LondonBlending sweet and savory into one dessert can be described with only one word: brilliant. Plus, you can’t get much more English than choosing a former tea warehouse for your restaurant.

Stollen Cake in Germany
Want proof that the locals love this holiday cake of dried fruit and marzipan? A Dresden Christmas markets made a 4,000 kg (8,818 lb) version that disappeared in hours.

Churros in Spain
Long strips of warm fried dough rolled in cinnamon sugar and dipped in melted chocolate. Need we say more?

Tiramisu in Italy
A combination of ladyfingers, rum, mascarpone, cocoa and espresso fill this cloud of cake with flavor. This essentially Italian “pick-me-up” (a rough translation of the word tiramisu) has been served at Barberini café in Rome since 1934.