Let’s talk about airline tickets. The untold truth to remember is you will always get what you pay for.  The cheaper your ticket, the fewer guarantees and the more restrictions come along with it. Do you notice, when buying a cheap ticket, how you are always “encouraged”—almost urged—to add insurance to your purchase? That step may be necessary because the cheaper your ticket—especially if booked by a third party that specializes in cheap tickets—the fewer protections it offers. Often the cost of a slightly more expensive ticket is the same as buying cheaper airfare and adding trip insurance.
Note: Go Global books directly with the airlines in order to get additional travel flexibility and ticket protection. Often, additional privileges such as early seat selection, first bag checked for free, and no hustle rebooking come with such direct bookings. 
Our recommendations and practices:
  • Always book directly with providers

  • Book with airlines that excel in areas of aircraft safety, on-time performance, schedule reliability, and airport conveniences.

  • Book direct flights whenever possible

  • Ignore luggage or flight insurance (the value of your ticket is guaranteed with direct bookings)

  • Flying to Europe:
    • Take direct flight from the US to your destination, if possible.
    • If no direct flight is possible, make London or Frankfurt your entry point (These two airports have the best connections to the rest of Europe)
    • Flying within Europe, take budget carriers for direct flights (Be aware the three most popular carriers—RyanAir, WizzAir, EasyJet—offer very minimalistic service and there is an up-charge for everything, from printing boarding passes at the airport to checked bags to food onboard).
  • Flying to Asia:
    • Best to fly from LAX or SEA to either Tokyo or Hong Kong or Beijing
    • Lots of inexpensive flights within Asia
    • Consider flying eastward on Qatar Airways via Doha (often less expensive than flying westward)
  • Flying to Africa:
    • Best if via Amsterdam or London
    • Fly only with North American and European-based carriers
Final Thoughts
I have learned that the best (not necessarily the cheapest) airfare is the one that gets you to your destination on time and with the least level of worry and stress. Key factors in making airfare purchases depend on the specifics of your trip. For instance, if you are going to a wedding or graduation, you might want to spend a few extra bucks to make sure you will get there on time. In contrast, going to see your friends or family for a few days gives you more flexibility to change your trip by a day or two and possibly save some money on the airfare. These are the methods and practices Go Global utilizes and recommends to ensure the most worry and stress-free travel!