At Go Global we are working hard to make international travel affordable. Here are a few money saving travel tips to turn your dream into travel reality!

1. Travel in low Season

Prices are always higher during school holidays because everyone else seems to be traveling at the same time! That means that summer travel, Easter/Spring/Fall breaks, Thanksgiving and Christmas are likely to be more expensive. Traveling out of season equal cheaper flights, less expensive hotels, and fewer crowds at your destinations.

2. Broaden your travel horizons

Booking the right destination can be the difference between an expensive vacation and an affordable one. So, if you want a European skiing trip, avoid famous slopes in France or Switzerland and try out lesser-known resorts in the same country, or go to Bulgaria or Slovenia. All options still offer great skiing at a fraction of the cost and with fewer crowds. Do some research into destinations where your currency goes further and where economies are stable and life is inexpensive: Mexico, Vietnam, Portugal, and Eastern Europe consistently offer great exchange rates that enables you to experience more with less.

3. Be flexible

The price 0f flights can vary considerably depending on the month, day, and even time you travel, so do your research and be flexible. Spoiler: weekends tend to be more pricey, so book your vacations wisely. Since COVID, many airlines are offering travelers fee-free flight changes or cancellations. Make sure that you book a flight that can be switched if travel restrictions change unexpectedly, which can otherwise lead to unplanned costs.

4. Consider the long way around

Consider a flight with a stopover (Iceland is a great option), as indirect routes are often less expensive. It is also worth checking the various airports in your region, as one might offer a cheaper fare.

5. Beat the baggage fee

Traveling light is a great way to avoid baggage fees. No matter where you travel, you only need enough items to see you through a week. Most international tickets include one free checked bag; I always carry my bag with me (to guarantee that it always arrives to the destination with me) and I use savings from baggage fees to splurge on shopping in Europe!

6. Stay in local neighborhoods

If your hotel room has a view of the Eiffel Tower, chances are it is greatly overpriced. We recommend that you stay at hotels outside the typical tourist enclaves (these are places with multiple hotels next to each other and the big tour busses parked outside.) By staying at a hotel outside the busy city center, you not only save money but you can also have a more authentic, and safer, experience of the city.

7. Dine with locals

You are much more likely to eat better, healthier, and save money when you eat like a local. What does this mean? Well, usually it means avoiding restaurants with a view of a major attraction, and with English-only menu. In most cities locals eat in places that are either a side street or a block away from the Main Street. Most of the eateries that locals support offer amazing food at a fraction of the cost of the Main Street offerings.

8. Your phone is an amazing travel tool

Your smartphone can make travel not only cheaper, but also much easier. So always travel with data plan from your provider. More and more cities (especially in Japan, Croatia, and Portugal) offer free portable WIFI or public hot spots throughout town. Your smartphone really enables planning on the go, and can make for some truly spontaneous, affordable vacations.

9. Save on foreign currency exchange

Between ATM charges, foreign transaction fees, and bad exchange rates, it can cost a lot of extra money just to make a purchase when you travel. We recommend only taking credit cards that do not charge a foreign transaction fee. Three percent on every purchase can really add up. If you need cash, make withdrawals only from a bank-owned ATM. Many privately owned ATMs charge higher fees and offer poor exchange rates. And ALWAYS pay in local currency!

Ready to go?

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