Our Rewards Program

Return Traveler Credita customer who returns for a second tour within 12 months from the original trip:

  • $150 travel credit is applied to your next signature tour if travel is completed within 12 months of the original trip.
  • $100 of that credit remains valid within 13 – 24 months of the original trip.
  • This credit expires 24 months after the original voyage.

Frequent Traveler Credita customer who has taken more than one signature tour and is returning for another tour, regardless of timeline:

  • $50 travel credit for each completed signature tour, up to a total of $200 in travel credits, is applied to the following tour.
  • This credit never expires.

Referral Credits:  earn credit for each new customer that you refer AND who registers for Concierge Services and/or one of our Signature tours:

  • Earn $200 travel credit for each new referral
  • Your name must be included in the referral box of the trip application and that customer must have complete a tour before credit is issued.
  • There is no limit on the number of referral credits.
  • This credit never expires.

Disclaimerwhile there is no limit on the amount of travel credits one may earn, there is a limit of $1,000.00 travel credits, per customer, per signature tour. 

Apply for: Our Rewards Program

Printable copy of this form: Travel Application (PDF file).

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