Our Rewards Program


Return Travelera customer who will return for their second tour within 12 months from the original (maiden) voyage.  Return Traveler Credit:

  • $150 credit is applied to your next signature tour if travel is completed within 12 months of the original trip.
  • $100 of that credit remains valid within 13 – 24 months of the maiden voyage.
  • This credit expires 24 months after the maiden voyage.

Frequent Travelera customer who has taken more than one signature tour and is returning for another trip, regardless of timeline.  Frequent Traveler Credit:

  • $50 credit for each completed signature tour, up to a total of $200 credit, is applied to the next tour.
  • This credit never expires.

Referrals:  earn credit for each new referral that registers for either our Concierge Services or a flagship tour.  Referral Credit:

  • Earn one $200 credit for each new customer referral
  • Your name must be included in the referral box of the trip application and that customer must complete a tour before credit is issued.
  • There is no limit on the number of referral credits.
  • This credit never expires.

Disclaimerwhile there is no limit on the amount of travel credits one may collect, there is a limit of $1000 credits, per customer, per signature tour.

Apply for: Our Rewards Program

Printable copy of this form: Travel Application (PDF file).

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