I am traveling now for two reasons: to get first-hand experience of international travel again and to help you/me decide if we should travel in 2020.


 I was able to check-in for all of my fights online, 24 hours before scheduled departure.  I had to show my passport at the airport before boarding the first flight.  Standard procedures if you check-in online.  If you check-in at the airport, passport has to be scanned to get boarding pass.

Tulsa Departure

Nothing out of ordinary at Tulsa airport TSA Security screening (less than 3 minutes to process) or at the gate check-in or during boarding of the flight.  Majority but not everyone wearing masks inside the terminal.  Prior to boarding, the gate personal advised that the airline is requiring face coverings for everyone during boarding and during the flight (exceptions are allowed but no examples were cited or provided).  There was no food or drink service onboard this flight.
So far my favorite part of the trip: no crowds.  Airline is happy to see me back 🙂
More updates soon.

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