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Christmas Markets 2018

Why join us for this December adventure?  Because is only in Germany (and parts of Austria) and only during DECEMBER that you can find handmade Christmas ornaments and gifts; that you can admire locally decorated, living Christmas trees; and sample elaborate pastries straight out of a medieval cookbook; and listen to lyrical midnight masses in Gothic…

Authentic Italy 2018

Explore authentic Italy! Rome, the Eternal City, is ready for you!  Experience the past glory of the Roman Empire while exploring the Colosseum and the Roman Forum.  Walk in the footsteps of apostles Peter and Paul as you visit the earliest Christian places of worship ever built!  Feast your eyes on the Renaissance masterpieces, first in…

2019 Romantic Paris: Valentine’s Day

Looking for a fantastic experience to share with your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day?  It is true that Paris is a great place to visit any time! Yet, nothing sets the mood for romance and for a memorable Valentine’s Day quite like spending time with your loved one in PARIS, FRANCE!  During the days leading up…

2019 Spring Break: Greece & Italy

BEST SPRING BREAK EVER – REALLY! There is no better way to start your spring than with this trip to inviting and sunny Greece and historical and hospitable Italy!  The crowds are few, the prices are lower than in high season, and the weather is warm.  March 2019 is the best time for a perfect…

2019 Ireland & Scotland

Experience two breathtaking, charming, proud, unique, magical, and cheeky cultures: magical Ireland and enchanting Scotland.  Explore major cities and cultural centers of both cultures:  Dublin, Irish countryside, Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands.  Take a train ride through the countryside.  Visit the country side and off-the-beaten path, authentic, unchanged by time, places in each country.  Join us…

2019 Italian Adventures

Eternal Rome.  Renaissance Florence. Mysterious Venice. The names alone are enough to lure anyone who loves travel and discovery. We have been able to put this ultimate combination together into one value-packed, unique travel experience. This worry-free, stress-free, custimizable trip will explore culture, history, and everyday life of Italy’s most unique cities. Experience authentic Italy…

2019 Spain & Portugal

Iberian Tapestry: Spain & Portugal A tapestry takes different colors and cloths, and weaves them together into a beautiful design.  This Iberian Tapestry trip weaves together the sights and cultures of Spain’s and Portugal’s most famous cities—Lisbon, Madrid, Toledo —and weaves them into one marvelous vacation. Fans of art and architecture will be delighted by…

2019 Switzerland & Germany

Experience charming Switzerland, proud Bavaria, and quaint Austria.  Explore quaint, historical, cultural centers of Zurich, Luzern, Munich, and Salzburg.  Visit Mozart’s birthplace, see the fairlytales castles of Germany’s Bavaria,  and snow covered peaks of the Swiss Alps.  Stay in centrally located, well-known, quality, hotels.  Enjoy plenty of free time for your own discoveries and adventures…

2019 Poland and WW2 sites

POLAND AND WORLD WAR II SITES This World War 2 Tour is a perfect choice for those interested in history of the World War II. Almost all territory of Poland was affected by war so you can find relative places virtually everywhere. World War II Sites tour covers some of the most important sites and…

2019 Munich: Octoberfest

Why join us for this trip?  Because it is only in late September and only in Munich that you can participate the centuries long tradition of the Octoberfest!  Do not settle for second-best; travel with us to the place were the tradition has started and where it still is the most authentic Octoberfest experience possible:…

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